Himmel und Hölle 2013, Riga Art Space, Riga (LV)

“Sculpture is the same thing as architecture, but carried on in solitary form,” he said, with his mouth full of crumbs. “Like poetry and music. You know that thing where poetry is not heard, but overheard? It separates lyric poetry out from literature and puts it in with music. It forces its audience to be solitary. That`s what sculpture does to space. Wraps it up and gives it to you, alone.” (Terry the builder in What is Architecture? An Essay on Landscapes, Buildings, and Machines, Paul Shepheard, MIT Press 1994)

Material:  4 Standard Wände des Riga Art Space (280 x 207 x 40 cm) gegen einen Pfeiler gekippt, schwarze Wandfarbe