Grauhof Revolutionary Gate 2012, Städtische Galerie Bremen

With its two quadratic pillars, which flank a cast iron column, the Grauhof Revolutionary Gate (Grauhof Revolutionstor) occupies the passageway between two exhibition spaces.

Here, the boundary between art and architecture is not meant to disappear, as is the case in 4 Meters 60 go home; rather, art is meant to be elevated. This occurs by means of exploiting the height of the exhibition space and is likewise dramatically expressed in the title of the work. However, this elevation abruptly ends in a kind of ornamental ledge consisting of bottles, whose everyday quality can be perceived as strange as well as, high above the heads of the visitors, threatening. Elements of a “modular revolution”, abstracted from a standard box, encounter the cast-iron columns of an “industrial revolution.”

This encounter makes reference to the evident spatial concept of the Städtische Galerie and current trends in architecture in which attempts are made to cross historical structures with modern components (for example, the reconstruction of the Neues Museum in Berlin by D. Chipperfield). History is also inherent in the Grauhof Revolutionary Gate.

Material:  MDF painted, 450 x 500 cm, 19 bottles of mineral water (Harzer Grauhof)