Blind volume 2007, Kunstverein Bremerhaven

Stacked in the large exhibition hall there are four bodies sheathed in black film that in their height, width, and length are derived from the layout, the architect’s plan.

The length of all four bodies corresponds with the length of an imaginary tunnel that traverses the exhibition hall from the box office to the rear wall: Blind volume. The individual parts of this tunnel are in turn components of the broader conceptual design. On the one hand, the bodies possess volume and take up space. On the other hand, their surfaces seem to resist this spatial expansion. The film focuses the viewer’s gaze, mirrors it without reproducing it. The bodies hide their innermost, only to reveal it elsewhere. Depending on where the viewer is standing, volumes and proportion seem to change.

Despite these formal, superficial perspectives, the work is not an autonomous, sculptural placement in the conventional sense; rather, the Kunsthalle is occupied by itself. The plan to do this derived from a superordinate structure, the layout. An appropriation of the architect’s work that was developed further and reinterpreted.

Material:  single volume 400 x 200 x 105 cm, black film, U-profiles, roof battens