Reading Room 2015, Gerhard-Marcks-Haus, Bremen

Excerpt from "Telling Spaces" (see texts)

In the middle of the area known as the ‘Old Hall’, Helwing places a large reading table and invites the viewer to read. The table is based on a measuring system that exists in architecture. Laid out on it are
documents and literature on Christian Helwing, Gerhard Marcks and the history of the Museum. From this, the question that follows more or less automatically is why he is exhibiting in this Museum?

Marcks was primarily concerned with pithy forms and volumes; for Helwing it is about spatial relationships and a viewer who is (intellectually as well as physically) on the move. The two concepts do not clash, and even possess quite a remarkable area of intersection in the concept of measure.  It is this dimension which ensures that it is not merely the younger artist staging the other to best effect.  Arie Hartog

Material:  black paint, MDF boards, drink crates, museum´s stools, archival documents