Stargate 2014, Arsenals, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga (LV)

Stargate 2014

Stargate is the “opening piece” of the exhibition Perspective of the Solar System.

The exhibition presents a multifaceted perspective of cosmic phenomena and
their representation in the medium of art. It will adress interfaces between art/
sience and artistic universes/ utopias. On show will be contemporary art from the
Baltic States as well as works from the museum`s collection, such as, for example,
by Gustavs Klucis, one of the outstanding artists of Russian Constructivism.

A narrow, walk-on strip of carpet traverses the building’s imposing entrance hall
between two opposite flights of stairs. Silver mirror foil has been stuck to the
handrails of the stairways—one leads directly to the exhibition, while the other
leads to the office wing of the building. The strip of carpet continues on each of
the upper landings. On one side, it ends in a vertical, fragmented length of carpet
at the access door to the office wing. In the exhibition itself, the carpet runs
vertically to the ceiling, only to abruptly end just below an electrical strip in the
lighting system.

Stargate can be summed up in three words: body—motion—space section.

Material:  black carpet, silver mirror foil stuck to the handrails