Sleeping 2011, Pilot Projekt für Kunst, Düsseldorf

A visitor hesitatingly enters the space presenting the pilot project, where the concrete floor changes from black to white, while the rows of neon lamps have been hung in such a way that they diagonally transect the exhibition space. The outer surfaces of panes of glass in the windows have been painted black, transforming the entire scene into a reflecting projection of itself.

The modern manifestations of industrial architecture and their modular regularity are reinterpreted in the space-consuming installation in such a way that a space is produced that is thrown back into itself and has a complex interior effect. In its supposed artificialness, it appears to have been cut out of the interior of the former industrial functional building, and the exterior, the surrounding area with postindustrial back courtyards and parking lots for shopping malls, remains hidden.

Material:  wall paint, floor paint, windows painted on the outside, neon lighting lowered