4 Meters 60 go home 2007, Städtische Galerie Bremen

Christian Helwing works in situ, i.e., on site in close correspondence with the existing dimensions and proportions. Yet the spaces his works make reference to are not only considered with respect to their specific architectural features. Besides the structural circumstances, he is always interested in a structure’s social, representative, or historic function.

For example the work 4 Meters 60 go home, his contribution to the exhibition in the Städtische Galerie Bremen of works by recipients of a grant-in-aid. In its various functions, the real space becomes the subject of the work: exhibition space and transit space. Helwing disguises his sculptures as architecture by feigning a certain usefulness. The wall segments that have been joined together are reminiscent of minimalist Bauhaus architecture; the lighting and the textured plaster spark off associations with hallways from the 1950s. Above and beyond this, the work lays claim to its own sculptural reality. The hallway built by Helwing was meant to serve as an entryway into the exhibition space, to channel going in and going out. However, this walk-through hallway did not dissolve into functional architecture because the space also serves a purpose without this fixture.
Joachim Kreibohm

Material:  460 x 235 x 103 cm, textured plaster, roof battens, chipboard, 2 wall lamps